Tools and Supplies

Poly Urethane Pump

 High pressure Grouting Injection pump for Epoxy resin and Polyurethane foam
Electric Drill operated,
High pressure up to 7000 PSI  grouting injection pump 

Mechanical Packers

 It is expendable tools for using to inject Polyurethane and Epoxy into concrete cracks.
The NU Polymer packers bear up against high pressure, have strong durability, and were designed for easy installation and easy removal. Also, we manufacture all sizes which are able to cover whole construction industry. 

Syringe Injector

 It is used for low pressure injection. The syringe injector is able to inject epoxy into small cracks at large area. at the same time, and its transparent syringe body allows you to observe the injected dosage. 

Carbon fiber

 It is cutting edge new material for load-bearing capacity improvement and seismic retrofit, and have very strong tensile strength than steel, and have been used for repair and reinforcement of concrete structure since 1990s. Specially quake-prone countries like Japan have used carbon fibers lately and largely. 

Acrylic Pump

Dual component grouting pump with 1:1 ratio, used for Acrylic materials which will be hardened quickly based on the amount of  added catalyst 

Spare Parts

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